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ACO Public Reporting

ACO Name and Location

AHS ACO LLC (Atlantic Accountable Care Organization)

465 South Street, Suite 205
Morristown, NJ 07960

Primary Contact

Thomas Kloos, MD


AHS ACO Participants

The following providers are participating in the AHS ACO (see attached .pdf).

*No participants are involved in a joint venture between ACO professionals and hospitals

AHS ACO Governing Body: Governing Board


Susan Kaye, MD  Chairperson, ACO Participant, Practice Associates Medical Group, PC Voting
Trish O’Keefe ACO Participant, AHS Hospital Corp
(President - Morristown Medical Center)
Alan Lieber ACO Participant, AHS Hospital Corp
(President - Overlook Medical Center)
Joseph DiPaolo ACO Participant, AHS Hospital Corp.
(President - Newton Medical Center)
Stephanie Bloom-Schwartz ACO Participant, AHS Hospital Corp.
(President - Chilton Medical Center)
Amy Geisen, MD ACO Participant, Primary Care Partners Voting
Brenda Matti-Orozco, MD ACO Participant, Practice Associates Medical Group Voting
Daya Nadarajah, MD ACO Participant, Pulmonary Medical Associates, LLP Voting
Timothy Brabston, MD ACO Participant, Medical Associates of North Jersey Voting
Mary Herald Medicare Beneficiary Representative Voting
John Feltz, MD ACO Provider/Supplier Physician Member, Specialist,
Lifeline Medical Associates, PA
Thomas Kloos, MD ACO President Non-Voting

AHS ACO Key Clinical and Administrative Leadership

ACO Executive

Thomas Kloos, MD President


ACO Medical Director

James Barr, MD


Management Services Group

Thomas Kloos, MD President
James Barr, MD Medical Director
Poonam Alaigh, MD Care Management Director
Deborah Rodgers, RN, MSN, JD ACO Manager
Patricia Wallace, RN, MSN Performance Improvement Manager

Compliance Officer

Eva Goldenberg, Esq


Quality Assurance/Improvement Officer

James Barr, MD

AHS ACO Committees and Committee Leadership

Finance Committee

Kevin Lenahan Chairperson

Performance Improvement Committee

James Barr, MD Co-Chairperson
John Feltz, MD Co-Chairperson

Credentialing Committee

Thomas Kloos, MD Chairperson

Provider Integration & Beneficiary Engagement Subcommittee

Arnold Pally, MD Chairperson

Advisory Boards

Independent Physician Advisory Board   Thomas Kloos, MD Chairperson
Practice Associates Medical Group   Scott Lauter, MD Chairperson
Primary Care Partners   James Barr, MD Chairperson

Types of ACO Participants or Combinations of Participants that Formed the ACO

AHS ACO, LLC is a NJ limited liability company governed by its operating agreement and by the NJ Limited Liability Company Act. AHS ACO, LLC’s members consist of AHS Hospital Corp. and certain physician/clinician members.

  • Partnership or joint venture arrangement between hospitals and ACO professional
  • Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC).


Amount of Shared Savings/Losses

ACO in the third year of first agreement period

  • Agreement period beginning 2012 Performance Year 1: $0
  • Agreement period beginning 2012 Performance Year 2014: $0
  • Agreement period beginning 2012 Performance Year 2015: $16,719,376

Shared Savings Distribution

ACO in third year of first agreement period
Agreement Period Beginning 2012 Performance Year 1, 2014, 2015:

  • Proportion invested in infrastructure: 15%
  • Investment in redesigned care processes/ resources: 15%
  • Proportion of distribution to ACO participants: 70%

Payment Rule Waivers: No, AHS ACO, LLC does not utilize the SNF 3-Day Rule Waiver

*Required Public Disclosure for ACO Participation Waivers

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (“CMS”) has made available certain waivers of federal fraud and abuse laws in connection with the operation of an accountable care organization that has entered into a participation agreement under the Medicare Shared Savings Program (“MSSP”). In accordance with the public disclosure requirements of the ACO Participation Waiver, the following describes an arrangement between AHS ACO, LLC (the “ACO”) and certain ACO participants commenced on January 1, 2013 and remained in effect through December 31,2015, when it was terminated. The ACO Governing Board duly authorized the Care Management Performance Improvement Incentive Program (“CMPIIP”) and made a bona fide determination that the program is reasonably related to the purposes of the MSSP. The CMPIIP is an incentive program whereby certain ACO participants may earn per member per month fees for achieving certain performance metrics. The performance criteria and metrics are directly related to the purposes of MSSP because they: (1) promote accountability for the quality, cost, and overall care for Medicare beneficiaries; (2) help manage and coordinate care for Medicare beneficiaries; and (3) encourage investment in infrastructure and redesigned processes for high quality and efficient service delivery for Medicare beneficiaries.


  • See 2015 Quality Performance Results Table here.
  • See 2012-2014 Quality Performance Results Table here.

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